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What is a Story Painting?

Do you love nature? Does it makes you feel inspired, relaxed. motivated? Do you have a favorite quote, a totem that speaks to you on emotional level? I do too. Welcome to my love of art, nature and emotional connection. Here, I express my inspiration I find in beautiful quotes, poems and nature. I hope to touch your heart and mind with my story paintings. A story painting is a message that tells a story of hope, faith, inspiration, motivation whatever touches a heart or mind.


You may find a story painting that I have already created or you could have your very own story painting that tells YOUR STORY. I will paint on commission your inspiration, your challenge, your love, YOUR STORY not mine or anyone elses, but whatever touches you in your life.  


You will find, not only can you have a piece of original art in a story painting, but you could have that story painting to decorate your home or wear as a reminder of what touched you with a throw pillow or fashion scarf.

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