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Always Do What Others Tell You NOT to Do

Many times throughout my early years, I was told for various reasons not to follow what I knew was in my heart.. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to all those. I had to overcome many obstacles to not only go to college but also to study art. School counselors, “Are you sure you want to go to Art School, your grades are too good to study art”…”Oh No Not ART” it’s waste of time.” I studied art anyway. Then I went on to grad school where I studied Library and Information Science…”Oh no that doesn’t pay well don’t be a librarian” I studied it anyway. Then I held positions in libraries, where I had the opportunity to run a Community Literacy Program and make a difference in people’s life. Eventually, I took those skills with an emphasis on education and through several jobs found my way to the Learning and Development field. I concentrated on those for many years, through some very tough situations with some tough organizations…until I found a place where I was respected and appreciated. Fast forward 22 years (now five years ago) and I found my love of art again. Not only did I find art, but I also found a passion in my life that not only makes me happier, but has a positive outlook on my whole life. I have achieved levels of being an artist like, belonging to galleries, doing exhibitions, selling paintings etc…that I never thought I would. One of my biggest highlights has been this year. I live in Indianapolis and I was able to provide a painting for a local fundraiser for a Women’s shelter. In the silent auction the painting went for over a $1000. That is an impact on my local community I could have never dreamed of. SO be a rebel, follow your heart and always do what others tell you NOT to do …because it just might make you HAPPY!

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