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My Original Art Work

 As an artist, she is not interested in trying to create an exact representational image of what inspired her, but more of capturing the aspect of what inspired her about the subject, such as beauty, texture, color, motion, environment etc. To her nature is life and energy and these are two aspects she tries to capture. She refers to her style as Representational Expressionism. As an artist, she will continue to expand her interpretations and techniques to continue her contribution to art. She likes to instill and represent positive thinking and positive change in our lives. Her newest abstract have taken her down the path of representing these aspects in herself and others. She loved to do charity auctions and events. This is her way of giving back to the community and honoring God for having instilled in her a passion for art.  She was a member artist, the Art Bank in downtown Indianapolis and shows in many locations around the city.

Samples below. 

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