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Pam Halliburton, Artist

Pam Halliburton is a local west-side artist in Indianapolis Indiana. She is a graduate of the Herron School of Art with a BFA. Her art is inspired by nature, spirituality, and inspirational quotes or phrases. As an artist, she is not interested in trying to create an exact representational image of what inspired her, but more in capturing the aspect of what inspired her about it. She takes the aspects of nature and representations of positive words to create a visual image that conveys a meaningful message to an individual or large audience of people She refers to her style as Representational Expressionism. As an artist, she will continue to expand her interpretations and techniques to convey beauty and positiveness in her art.

Her recent credentials include a Therapeutic Art Coaching Certification, to provide simple art activities involving tools and coping methods for basic stress/anxiety reduction, goal setting and negative thoughts patterns.

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